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By ADMIN, 09/26/22, 3:45PM EDT



Our Premier family will never be the same as we suffered a devastating loss of Coach Jenn last night.

Coach Jenn is the ‘CORE’ of Premier. She loved her Premier family and was happiest when she was with her Premier family in some way.

She taught her players and every player in Premier and every gym she came across with incredible passion. She didn’t care if a player was most skilled or the least skilled player in the gym. She gave every player the same level of focus and attention and she believed in each one of them. She loved sharing her knowledge and love of volleyball with all of us. She loved being on any Premier bench and cheering our girls, boys, teams and coaches on it and she was never shy about it.

As Coach Jenn battled this awful disease, one of things she missed most was being in the gym with her Premier family. She was incredibly overwhelmed by the support she received from all of our Premier family throughout her battle. We are blessed and grateful for all of our Premier family along with the rest of the volleyball community during that time and now.

While we know all of us are deeply sadden by her passing, we know that Coach Jenn would want all of us to go on live our lives to its fullest as tomorrow is never promised.

To her past players and students, Coach Jenn will be with you always guiding you and cheering you on beyond the court and the classroom. Remember once her player/student always her player/student. All of you were her pride and joy! Your gave her life purpose and meaning.

Love you , Mean it, Rest easy, Coach Jenn

Trina and MaryPat

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Jenn's Tribute