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Premier Teams Finish Out Their Season at NEQ in Philly and National Harbor!

By Admin, 04/22/19, 6:45PM EDT


IT IS 15s 16s and 17s TURN



16s and 17s teams competed in Philadelphia.  At 17s, it was Premier EDGE 17 and Premier Phoenix and at 16s, it was Premier EDGE 16, Premier Crush and Premier Storm. 

Day 1 
Starting up in the morning, it was the EDGEs team on deck. 

Competing in 17 USA, Premier EDGE 17 finished 2-1 to stay in the hunt for Gold.
Competing in 16 USA, Premier EDGE 16 had many competitive matches but came up short in all finishing 0-3.

In the afternoon, it was Crush, Storm and Phoenix. 

Competing all in the American division, Crush finished 0-3, Storm finished 1-2 and Phoenix finished 0-3. 

Day 2
The only team playing in the morning was Premier EDGE 17.  They knew by staying in the upper part of the division, the competition was going to be tough. But they were ready for the challenge.  Facing three strong teams, they met the challenge and finished amazing 3-0 to remain in the chase for GOLD.

In the afternoon, the other teams were up and were looking for success this time around. 

Premier EDGE 16 finished 2-1 to advance to the F3 Bracket, Premier and Premier Crush finished 2-1 to advance to the F3 bracket as well in their division.

Premier Storm finished 1-2 to advance to the F4 bracket while Premier Phoenix finished 0-3 to advance to F5. 

Day 3
Easter Sunday started off in Philly with Premier EDGE 17 playing bright and early for Gold against a powerful Texas team. In three set thriller, they won the final set 15-13 to advance on.  Then, they faced a strong team from Colorado and lost. It was not over yet for them. They played out for 5th place. They faced a A5 team and lost and finished 7th overall out of the 80 teams.  It is impressive to point out that the team placed 1st place - lost only one match all weekend and it was to Premier EDGE 17. Congrats and Well Done, Premier EDGE 17. 

Premier EDGE 16 was up next!  They won their 1st match and lost their 2nd and finished 60th overall. 

Premier Crush was next. Like EDGE 16, they won their 1st match and lost their 2nd to finish 85th,. 

Premier Phoenix and Premier Storm lost their match of bracket play to finish 85th and 105th overall. 



In National Harbor, 15s team were competing.  This included Premier EDGE 15, Premier Fury, Premier Wolfpack and Premier Diggerz. 

Day 1
Competing 15 USA, Premier EDGE 15 and Premier Wolfpack played in the AM Wave.  Premier EDGE 15 finished 1-2 and Premier Wolfpack finished 0-3.  

Competing in 15 American and PM Wave, Premier Fury finished 2-1 and Premier Diggerz 1-2.

Day 2
Up in the morning was Premier Fury. In the upper part of division, the competition was tough. Premier Fury finished 0-3 to advance to the F1 bracket.

In the afternoon, it was EDGE 15, Wolfpack and Diggerz.   In a long day with multiple court delay and finishing at 10;15pm, Premier EDGE 15 finished 2-1 and advanced to the F2 Bracket.

Premier Wolfpack played well and finished 2-1 in three way tie for first and in points differential placed 3rd to advance to F3 Bracket.

Premier Diggerz worked hard and finished 1-2 to advance to F4 bracket.

Day 3
Starting us on Sunday on track,  it was Premier Fury. They won their 1st match and then lost their 2nd to finish 47th

Premier EDGE 15 lost their 1st match of bracket to finish 40th. 

Premier Wolfpack soared their bracket to win all three matches and their flight bracket and finished 43rd overall. 

Premier Diggerz worked hard and advance two matches through to the final in their bracket and lost to finish 87th. 

It was a great weekend of volleyball and team bonding.  All teams finished their season with the exception of Premier EDGE 17 who plays next weekend in Atlantic City. 

Check out the pictures from the weekend!